A walker turned runner…because it’s easier!

Enpowergy is definitely about energy and endurance. As a walker my motivation is fairly simple, to get outside and enjoy the journey or adventure for each walk. Literally walking for hours at a time, one can find many strange happenings along the way. At some point going for a walk wasn’t enough, that lead to registering for area “walk/runs.”

Spending three hours on a course is not unusual (as a walker enduring 13.1 miles) and is such an agonizing and yet highly compelling reason to participate. The stuff one sees is most certainly motivation enough to attend…if only I could jounal while moving! However that is also the reason as a self-proclaimed “walker” that I tried “running” and in many ways found the process easier than walking. Ironic as it is, the time spent walking is equal to time running. Never will I finish first and proudly can still claim have yet to finish last. But that’s only because my brain hasn’t determined that as an option…yet!

Regardless of the amount of energy exuded, to this day the races completed have each come with a story. Whether it is the weather being faced, an unlimited supply of nature, being a closet-people watcher or having the opportunity to see how the “other half” live or move is a perk of competing. Why else would one attempt to finish one of these wild occurrences? If only one can win, why worry about coming in first? And if “winning” means that you are so focused it means you can’t stop and take a picture of a great idea or high five every hand in your path or even take a break for a hug that someone has to give you because they are trying to encourage you to not give up…why would you pay and avoid all the great opportunities available along the way? That would be like running past a water station when you are struggling with dehydration, just wrong!

Enpowergy means to endure during life’s many challenges. To ¬†empower and be empowered for you and others. All with energy.

Each day it’s JEM…Journal, Exercise and Meditate!

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