Realizing the negative thoughts

Too many times the narration that happens in our heads, is absolutely the reason for our many limitations in life.

With any scenario that happens in your life, do you hear ‘chatter’ in you head during and after? Do you wish you would have said something different? Did you notice the other persons accessories and not their message? Were you distracted and now concerned you may have upset the other party? All too often those worrisome comments and negative thoughts chime into your head at the strangest times and are in part what is holding you back from realizing your true authentic self.

Life shouldn’t be about regret, worry or fears. Life is worth living…so why not start taking back your life and that vital part of you, your mind and start attracting what you really want in your life. How?

Negative thoughts ‘confuse’ your focus and if you are unfocused you are not achieving your goals, finishing conversations, completing your life’s mission. For example, if you are constantly rehashing an argument in your head…frustrated, upset, angry, worried are some of the emotions you may be experiencing. If you are ‘stuck’ on the argument, you aren’t focused on what’s really important such as forgiveness and moving on. You are thus unable to focus completely on what is really important such as promoting a strong compassionate relationship.

One of the best ways to overcome this vicious cycle of negativity and lack of clarity is to journal about it. Notice and write down every time you have a negative thought. There are times at night when I’m awaken by something and can’t return to sleep. That is when I have noticed I have the most ‘chatter’ in my head. It’s also the time that I work the hardest to thank my maker for all I have, the warmth of the bed, the comfort of my pillows and soon I am back to sleep. During the day I have found another useful tactic to negative self-talk is to as soon as I realize it is happening to instantly change my thoughts. Maybe a conversation didn’t end as I had hoped and start reflecting on how they looked, how they acted, etc I start hoping to understand what others have going on that may impact why they are acting as they did or for what they said. It is equally important to wish the very best for them. Gratitude will amend your mood and your clarity.

Give it a try, you will be amazed at how quickly what you want you are finally able to focus on.

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