Long over time…

Part of Enpowergy is ‘JEM’ or Journal, Exercise, and Meditate. Recently I made the decision to reunite myself with a higher education and back to school I have journeyed. As fate might have it, seemingly all other consistent areas in my life have either multiplied in challenges or duplicated in complexities. What was normally challenging has become even more so than ever before.

Enter JEM, because when I feel a certain level of enormous amount of pressure, I head to JEM.

How does JEM work? I find especially when it’s winter and I can’t be as active, the importance of journal. The physical action of writing something down. How powerful the release is mentally when you are writing out your thoughts. And yet how much energy can get pent up when you are unable to be physically active, and so even the most simplest of exercise has in creating balance in the body. And in the shortest amount of time, spending 2 minutes to 20, meditating finishes the balancing act and helps reconnect the mind with the body with the soul.

So as I dread the next paper or the 200 pages I have to read by tomorrow, after 8 hours of work and spending a bit of time cooking a good meal for my family and running a load of laundry. Before ‘hitting’ the books I find that my health and ability to stay functional during the day, how important finding time to take some personal notes, take the stairs instead of the elevator and to spend a couple of moments to breath and settle my heart rate just a bit, really is.

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